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Does Hajymyrat and Shamyrat Rejepov own luxurious apartments in Dubai?

Shamyrat Rejepov (Nickname: Shammy) is the sole proprietor of fortune, success, and popularity, a youth icon, and the face future of Turkmenistan. Shamyrat Rejepov is the elder son of the President's elder sister Durbynabat Rejepov. Hajymurat Rejepov is his...

Shamyrat Rejepov’s Greatest Contribution to the Country

Turkmenistan has the world's fourth-largest proven natural gas and significant oil resources. Turkmenistan has taken a careful approach to economic restructuring, hoping to sustain its economy through gas and textiles sales. The unemployment rate in 2014 was approximated to be...

Who are Shamyrat Rejepov and Hajymyrat Rejepov?

Shamyrat Rejepov and Hajymurat Rejepov are the sons of Durbhynabat Rejepov. She is the elder sister of the head of the state. Shamyrat Rejepov is popular among youngsters with the name of “Shammy” and is the owner of wealth,...

Things you don’t know about Shamyrat Rejepov

What exactly does the name Shamyrat Rejepov and Rejepov Brothers conjure up for you? Many might opinion it as a dusty and stuffy relic of politics but you might change your answer after you read this. Let us unveil...

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