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Complete Details About Dariga Nazarbayeva

Dariga Nursultanqyzy Nazarbayeva is a Kazakh businesswoman and businesswoman who is the daughter of Kazakhstan’s first ruler, Nursultan Nazarbayev. She has become a member of the Mazhilis (Kazakhstan’s national parliament house) from 15 January 2021, having previously served in the chamber from 2004-2007 as well as 2012-2015. From 2014-to 2015, she served as the Deputy Chair of Mazhilis before being nominated as a Deputy Leader in Massimov’s government. In 2016, Nazarbayeva was elected to the Kazakhstan Senate. For 2019-2020, she was the Senate Chair. Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan’s Leader from 1990 to 2019, has the oldest daughter named Dariga Nazarbayeva.


In the year 1964, Nazarbayeva was born in Temirtau. She finished her secondary schooling at Alma-K. Ata’s Satpayev Highschool in 1981–1982. She attended Moscow State Institution’s history program from 1980 to 1983. She earned a bachelor’s degree in historic sciences from S. M. Kirov Kazakh University in 1985 and defended her dissertation for a candidacy degree in historical studies at Moscow State Institution in 1991. Nazarbayeva completed her Ph.D. dissertation in political theory at the Russian Institute of Government Service in 1998.


Dariga Nazarbayeva started her career in journalism in 1994 as the head of Khabar, Kazakhstan’s biggest national television organization.


Nazarbayeva has been a frequent opera performer on Kazakh television since the late 1990s. Kazakh traditional songs, opera arias, Joe Dassin songs, and Russian romances are among her repertory.

In 2011, Dariga performed “Salem, Russia” in Russia on the Bolshoi Theater’s new stage and in Astana’s Organ Hall. Universal Music, a Russian corporation, videotaped her live concerts at several places for the classical tv film My Star.

 In 2012, the two-part movie was released. In 2013, she performed in Paris at Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, co-organized by Tally Pierre Sheremetev, also with Orchestre Lamoureux oriented by Dmitry Yablonsky as well as the Sazgen sazi band aimed by Baghdat Tilegenov, as well as some artists such as pianist Sundet Baigozhin and Timur Urmancheev.

Political career:

In 2003, she created the Asar movement, and the subsequent year, in 2004, she was appointed to the Mazhilis for the very first time. After serving in that position, the Asar joined Nur Otan, a political party founded by her father, Nazarbayev, around 2006. Nazarbayeva did not compete for re-election after the Mazhilis was disbanded in 2007, therefore she stayed out of parliament till her returning to the Mazhilis position in 2012, where she’s the Vice-Chair and Nur Otan’s parliamentary leadership.

Heritage and Assets:

Since Nazarbayeva’s top government posts and good connection with her father, it’s been widely suspected that she is getting groomed for the president to perpetuate Nazarbayev’s heritage in a nepotistic manner, defying Nazarbayev’s denials.

Nazarbayeva and her young son took acquired her husband’s share in a bank he managed after he was accused of abduction and subsequently the murder of two executives at a company he owned in 2007. She was listed on Forbes’ ranking of the 50 wealthiest Kazakhs in 2013, with holdings of $595 million, which included a substantial media stake.

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