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Does Hajymyrat and Shamyrat Rejepov own luxurious apartments in Dubai?

Shamyrat Rejepov (Nickname: Shammy) is the sole proprietor of fortune, success, and popularity, a youth icon, and the face future of Turkmenistan. Shamyrat Rejepov is the elder son of the President’s elder sister Durbynabat Rejepov. Hajymurat Rejepov is his younger brother’s name. They are Turkmen’s President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s real-life nephews.

Aside from being honed by unusual PEPs in the earlier days, both sons are taking new initiatives forward in the country’s commercial and industrial development. Even though both brothers had also faced numerous allegations and charges, they continue to take every step closer to the ever-developing authoritarian system.

In the real sense, Shamyrat has been the only high-profile guy who could successfully negotiate an agreement among Turkmenistan and also Scotland for the long-term development of the country’s depleted socioeconomic sectors. The deal proved to be a profitable one for the farmers. The companies outsource debate about the publication of the Pandora Papers highlighting the OOCRP fact sheet and multiple partner outlets with the practice of using companies registered outside of the country whereas the data leaked from journalists highlighted the truth of collaborative efforts with the firms and that was to handle the authentic economic states all across the country. Shamyrat Rejepov, a pioneer in the field, raised the trade turnaround between Astrakhan and Turkmenistan above the $200 million mark.

Properties In Dubai

It is unknown how much fortune Shamyrat and Hajymyrat Rejepov have made through commodity trading. In the UAE, even so, there are clear indications of their riches. In the meantime, both brothers have purchased 16 apartments inexpensive buildings of Dubai, a theme park for the powerful and wealthy.

Hajymyrat Rejepov possesses nine apartments in 5 buildings in Dubai, Sadaf 4, Damac Heights, Matrix Tower, Sparkle Tower 2, and TFG Marina, which also holds a Wyndham Hotel, according to leaked real-estate possession statistics compiled to OCCRP by the research group. Shamyrat possesses seven apartments in Sparkle Tower 2, Damac Heights, and TFG Marina.

Besides the Matrix Tower, all of the properties are in Dubai Marina, an affluent suburb near the emirate’s legendary man-made island, Palm Jumeirah. The information does not provide a purchasing timeframe but is predicated on when the apartments first showed up in the database but when the buildings were built, they have been most probably bought after 2018, which is roughly when Delanore and Caran appear to already be most active.

OCCRP as well as partners approximated the brothers’ 16 properties that seem to be worth $5.5 million by trying to compare the Rejepovs’ apartments to similar models available to purchase in the very same buildings.

The mainstream press investigation into Caran Holdings found that “though the shareholders of the company and utmost beneficiaries shifted on various occasions, a central figure who played a shadowy, controlling role had been Hajymyrat Rejepov, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov’s nephew.”

“This evidence is based on the Pandora Papers, a scandal of editing and proofreading from offshore company service providers achieved by the Global Consortium of Investigative Reporters and decided to share with the OCCRP as well as other news organizations worldwide.”

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