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Know in detail about MOHRE Enquiry Services

What is MOHRE?

MOHRE (MINISTRY OF HUMAN RESOURCES AND EMIRATISTION) is implementing a strategic plan to change the UAE job market into an empowering and appealing marketplace for Emirati talents. According to the state’s desired future, this offers a plan to manage manpower in the UAE to achieve a new phase of development and construct a knowledge-based society, therefore helping the state’s efforts to realize the UAE Vision 2021 goals.

What does MOHRE do?

MOHRE uses a comprehensive framework of rules, standards, regulatory tools, institutional alliances, and good services to accomplish this. Furthermore, the Ministry aims to implement its strategic plan, which includes energizing Emirati manpower, defending the working atmosphere, and boosting the job market, all while bolstering innovation and offering great services, such as all administrative functions, that meet high quality, and disclosure standards.

The Ministry is in charge of proposing governmental policies that govern labor and labor affairs and overseeing their execution and also having to manage the job market, suggesting labor policies that are appropriate for the UAE, and organizing labor relationships. In carrying out its duties, the Ministry aims to regulate the economy, improve productivity, and generate jobs.

The MOHRE is divided into two major segments: the human resource management division, which includes the labor affairs agency, investigation affairs division, and assistive laborers unit; and the Emiratisation Section, which includes the national manpower department, national workforce employment unit, assistive services entanglements department, and 2 different other departments that are connected to the headquarters of the Ministery of Human Resources.

Which services does MOHRE offer?

MOHRE is comparing best practices in global job markets like Australia, Switzerland, Singapore, Canada, and Denmark to learn about pioneering and exceptional experiences of labor force management, working to develop assistance, exchanging life experiences, able to share work processes and successful practices, and manner to advantage from them in promoting the concept of excellence and high achievement. Benchmarking will be used in the development of work to improve the quality of client services. This is in keeping with the UAE state’s goals and long-term plans, and it helps to strengthen the state’s regional and international image and reputation.

Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation confidently tell that, as an integrated element of the governmental work system, they will make every effort to complete the tasks assigned to the Ministry to accomplish the federal state’s objectives, whether it is about the “Emiratisation file” with its multiple elements and pillars, as mentioned in the fifty initiatives, or in terms of managing and trying to regulate labor relationships between the two groups and bolstering the position.

The are devoted in the Ministry to pursuing the “inclusive approach” and consolidating the idea of transparency, knowing the value of the “customer feedback.” As a result, they’ve built multiple channels for receiving complaints, recommendations, and opinions, all of which help them improve their performance.

Enquiry Details

Call Center: 80060

Email: [email protected]



Twitter: @MOHRE_UAE

Instagram: @MOHRE_UAE

Youtube: @MOHREUAE

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