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Know in Details About Amazonico Dubai


Marta Seco and Sandro Silva, a married couple pair of renowned restaurateurs, launched Amazónico in 2010 and it immediately was one of Madrid’s most famous and successful restaurants.

Amazónico Dubai, located in the center of the DIFC, is the couple’s 2nd restaurant far outside Spain and therefore will draw inspiration from the Amazon area’s cultural variety and gourmet tradition. Experience a source of inspiration of rainforest-inspired tropical gardens and organic stones built by world-acclaimed designer Lázaro Rosa-Violan, accessible from lunchtime till late.

Design and interior modifications

Amazonico 2.0 is significantly brighter, bigger, and much more attractive than the previous version. With many upgrades, the green, foliage-swathed three-story auditorium at Gate Village Plaza retains the same pleasant, organic vibe.

The expanded, brighter lobby now boasts a 10-meter-long cocktail bar with fire projections beyond it on the ground level. The gigantic Amazonian butterflies that fly about the space as luminous glass light decorations and rest on the glass-encased walls are extremely great. The sushi station has been increased in size, and the snuffed banquets, stitched lights, and enormous lighted feathers in vibrant colors create a cozy-yet-enticing atmosphere.

The new appearance heralds the start of a new era for the restaurant, which will include long hours, a revamped drink menu, and a diverse menu of Latin American cuisine. Night owls can enjoy premium-free drinks and concerts by both guests and regular DJs in the lounge.

Rosa-assured Violan’s stewardship provides for an uproariously enjoyable, kitschy-cool, and gloriously fashionable experience.

Dining and Drinks

Their restaurants range from informal to gourmet food, but they all share the same hedonistic impulse: to “create a bubble of happiness” with a dynamic ambiance and wonderful food, which has proven to be a successful strategy.

However, the food is as delicious as this three-story establishment with a rooftop deck appears. A distinct sushi dining option, but there was also a vast variety of inventive Latin American meals, ranging from crispy frog legs to sluggish short ribs. The skillfully cooked meats are a popular choice among regulars.

After your dinner, make room for their inventive sweets, like the mangoes and avocados pavlova, which is served alongside guava, purple corn, chile sorbets, and frozen foods.

The Aguachile and  Hamachi tiradito are next. Thin slices of yellowtail soaked in a delightful fruit vinaigrette and topped with shiso leaf dressing, for example, and Mexican-style tuna ceviche with avocados cream, lemon juice, and jalapeno, that precisely cut through the harshness in every bite.

With illustrations of innovative mixtures and vibrant colors, the menu for explosive sips is an incredible treat. The specialty compositions were based on aromatic plants and aloe vera; fruits like lemon, cherries, lime, spiced pineapple, coconut, banana, orange; and deeper components including cinnamon,  hazelnuts, coffee, and chocolate.


If you’re not ready to conclude the night there at the Copacabana-themed bar, it’s better to step to Club Tropicalia, our latest after-party, which is located on the roof. There will be additional live entertainment available. Brunch rates start at AED 450 for soft drinks and AED 650 for house beverages. The Champagne bundle, on the other hand, will cost you at least AED750. Most brunch packages include limitless hot or cold appetizers and sweets, as well as one main course of your choosing. All of the dishes are made to perfection. And you’ll have a great time because the food is so inventive. Finally, you will like this brunch.

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