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List of All Non-profit Organisations Involved in Bettering Turkmenistan

  • Miracle Flights for Kids

Miracle Flights for Kids’ mission is to better healthcare access for low-income children by providing financial aid for commercial flights to receive special medical treatment; to raise awareness of our offerings through aimed outreach programs; and to engage the services of community-minded folks through corporate strategy calls – to – action.

Ann McGee, the director of Miracle Flights for Kids, had a vision of helping families and children who needed specialized care far away from home. Millions of donors from all around the country came together to make her dream happen, and Miracle Flights has already organized over 90,000 flights over 50 million kilometers of emergency air travel. Miracle Flights for Kids’ mission is to reduce barriers to health accessibility and raise the standard of living for our kids as the state’s premier nonprofit welfare and health flying organization. Miracle Flights, which was established in 1985, ensures that parents with little financial resources have options for their sick kids. Children who require out-of-state hospital attention or second views may be able to get free air travel by Miracle Flights as many more times as they need.

  • Advancing Native Mission

We exist to motivate individuals and communities around the globe to support, equip, and promote strategic and productive ministries that are spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ to unevangelized and underserved people in their communities.

Advancing Native Missions acts as a link between people and churches, as well as successful local preachers and ministries all across the world. We assist you in investing in local ministries that are performing God’s work within their people, rather than sending missionaries overseas. We are grateful for the opportunity to assist 345 departments in 97 various countries. Every one of these organizations is dedicated to sharing Jesus’ existence love and redemption message with those that have never heard it.

  • OPEN

OPEN brings together, equips, and mobilizes Christian workers to express God’s love and use business to change communities. We assist Christian workers and their home parishes to develop tailored strategies for working or launching a business in another country. We accompany professionals via education, mentoring, and capital raising to ensure that their firms are exceptional, successful, and effective. Christian professionals acquire influence and develop connections when they have been connected to successful enterprises. As they build relationships, opportunities to communicate the Gospel arise. When the Gospel comes to society, it changes from the inside out.


LEAP’s objective is to eliminate alcohol prohibition and minimize the numerous negative repercussions of fighting a war on drugs, as well as the rates of mortality, disease, violence, and addictions.

LEAP is a nonprofit group comprised of former and present professionals of the crime and the criminal justice institutions who are standing out about the inadequacies of the current drug policy. It was established on March 16, 2002. Those system has failed, and keep failing, to effectively resolve the issues of drug misuse, particularly those involving juvenile drug use, abuse, and criminality resulting from criminal domination of illegal substance sales.

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