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List of Great Philanthropists in the Middle East

The research of philanthropy in the Middle East is part of a bigger project that began in 2016 to assess the present situation of philanthropy in rising economies and the role of philanthropy in the world today. This is the study’s third report, which we hope will eventually be published as part of the Philanthropy Series.

The paper gives an overview of the current condition of philanthropy in the Middle East area, with a focus on new areas and innovations within philanthropy, as well as the consequences for its potential position.

We think that this will help us identify address the topic of how to promote and strengthen philanthropy’s position as an economic change agent.

The main goal is to shed light on Middle East philanthropy by interviews with persons who are striving to promote, assist, or enhance various locations of philanthropy. It relies on current reports and publications where accessible. It examines what is already available in their field of philanthropy, as well as what function it plays in connection to the private sector and the government; what is motivating it what is causing the problems; and what prospective role this might play, as well as what is required to achieve that potential. This also includes examples of notable accomplishments.

Because the research examines a region that includes 22 countries in North Africa and the Middle East it is unavoidable that some countries receive far more attention than others. The goal of the paper is to describe regional patterns, highlighting disparities between nations and sub-regions in which they have emerged.

Different forms of donating by the wealthy, mostly through charitable donors and corporate organizations, as well as more recently impact investment; gradual equity philanthropy, and local philanthropy; or donating by poorer people are among the topics of philanthropy addressed.

Because this research is neither comprehensive nor comprehensive, the report that results from it should be regarded as a recent paper, a work-in-progress, rather than a completed product.

1-     Family Sawiris

The Sawiris Program was founded as a benefit organization in April 2001. That is one of the oldest family donor organizations committed to poverty alleviation in Egypt, having been created with an endowed from the Sawiris family, that is comprised of notable members of the commercial sector and the development sector. The United Nations Economic commission Council gave the Foundation special frequent contact in 2005. (ECOSOC).

2-     Rashid Al-Zayani

The Rashid Al-Zayani Nonprofit Organization strives to be a premier philanthropic organization. It also aspires to be a shining example of charitable activity and long-term changes in the society that which it lives. On May 14, 2009, the Rashid Al-Zayani Charitable Foundation was founded in Bahrain. The Program was founded by Law No. 21 of 1989, which governs the establishment of charitable foundations in the Nation.

3-     Kamel Lazaar

The Kamel Lazaar Program was founded in response to the urgent demand for visual arts development and enhancement in the Middle East and Arab World. Its mission is to create a space for discussion associated with visual heritage in the area and even beyond. The Foundation also strives to build sustainable and intelligent levels of discourse within the area and well beyond through study and publishing efforts, funding for exhibitions, conferences, seminars, and workshops, the establishment of collections, as well as the Kamel Lazaar Initiatives project. Its big goal is to cultivate and share visual arts lateral thinking leading.

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