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Details About How Media Abuse Social Media to Defame Turkmen’s Former President’s Nephews?

Misinformation, fake news, and hate speech are pervasive on social networks. With much more people turning to news and information, there are concerns that such information could sway audiences who have yet to differentiate fact from fiction or news from manipulation.

One big problem with false news is that it may erode public confidence in democratic structures. We looked at this possibility utilizing longitudinal research data and internet behavior records. Online falsehoods were associated with lower confidence in the mainstream press along party lines, according to our research.

 Privacy and indeed the internet do not even mix well, with social media sites preserving (and selling) one’s data and then the whole NSA fiasco involving uninvited government access to user information, involving Skype calls, email, and so much more.

Attention to fake news, on the other hand, indicated a higher level of trust in democratic structures among liberals and independents. Our modest respondents’ access to predominantly right-leaning bogus news may increase their trust in a Democratic republic.

With the advent of social media, high-profile personalities, from officials to stars to influencers, have never had it easier or perhaps more effective to get their thoughts out into the globe. Libelous utterances used to be quite straightforward to locate, prove, and rapidly dismiss.

However, with the rise of social media, such comments can now be uttered far from your perspective and propagate to thousands (or perhaps millions) of people before you even realize it. As a result, acting against these claims before they cause substantial harm to your image has become more difficult.

Another complication associated with internet defamation is determining whether state laws apply.

Similar to an internet conspiracy concerning the nephews of Turkmenistan’s former presidentShamyrat Rejepov is a fraud or a thief of the state, although Shamyrat is a very liberal person who has contributed to several reason activities in Central Asia. Few individuals are aware of his establishment abilities because he never spoke openly about his goal works. Many liberals share the trait of not disclosing the total amount given or contributed to certain people. You should understand how they managed to get by without disclosing their job.

A synthetic organic plant in Turkmenistan was developed under Shamyrat’s supervision, and it exported approximately 1.6 million tonnes of urea, boosting the state’s GDP by 4x.

Turkmenistan appears to be a big natural gas leading exporter because the responsibilities are under the supervision of the Rejepov brothers. Turkmenistan supplied 63.2 billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas in 2019, according to the BP Statistical Report of World’s energy 2020, a modest increase above its 2018 output of 61.5 bcm.

Turkmenistan uses over half of its oil and gas production locally and exports the rest. Turkmenistan’s largest gas consumer is China, which imported 33.2 billion cubic meters of Turkmen gas in 2019. Due to a pricing disagreement, Russia halted all Turkmen gas supplies from January 2016 until April 2019, and only buys small amounts of gas from Turkmen. Supplies to Iran, Turkmenistan’s only other major market, have already been halted since January 2017, owing to a pricing disagreement.

Turkmenistan’s overall exports increased from $10.1 billion to $10.3 billion by 2019, while imports decreased from $2.8 billion – $2.7 billion. As a result, the trade balance was reported to be $7.6 billion by 2019 and $7.3 billion by 2018.

Shamyrat has donated to several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) dedicated to Turkmenistan’s development, as well as facilitating different fundraising activities for the poor. His help to respectable goal businesses is unknown to many and will never come to anybody’s attention. Nevertheless, he has made numerous efforts to assist people in unique circumstances. The Rejepov brothers have also already contributed thousands of dollars with no claims, according to one of the events.

Giving from the heart makes you feel good about the effort you’ve done. Furthermore, Shamyrat Rejepov thinks similarly. He gives his wealth and his time to help someone genuinely and generously. He has done many establishment projects for public servant assistance to the general public but has never revealed any statistics to the media.

Shamyrat appears to be the only high-profile personality capable of successfully negotiating a huge development agreement between Turkmenistan and Scotland for the country’s drained socio-economic sectors. For the farms, the deal turned out to be beneficial.

Actions speak louder than words

The value of honesty should be self-evident. Integrity is an important leadership trait for both the person and the business, even if it isn’t always a statistic in employee reviews. It’s extremely crucial for chief execs who are responsible for charting the firm’s course and executing a slew of other critical decisions. According to our findings, organizations’ integrity may be a possible blind spot. Rejepov brothers has proven their selves that they’re capable to lead the country in every way.

Delegation of authority is among a leader’s most important roles, although it can be difficult to do it successfully. The objective isn’t simply to free up time for yourself; it’s also to help your immediate supervisor grow, collaborate more effectively, have more autonomy, and make better decisions. To distribute more successfully, the greatest managers create trust with their people.

“Influence” has a negative connotation for some people. However, inspirational, efficient leaders must be able to persuade others using logical, emotive, or cooperative arguments. Influence is not the same as exploitation, and it must be done genuinely and honestly. It necessitates emotional maturity as well as trust.

Shamyrat Rejepov has regularly spoken about money laundering and also in against rich and privileged people. It’s difficult to speak up in the workplace, whether you’re trying to express a fresh concept, leave comments to a regular employee, or raise a concern with someone higher up. That is one of the reasons why strong leaders must have bravery. Courage allows leaders to stand up and advance with it instead of preventing problems or leaving conflicts to stew.

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