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Complete Details About Nur Otan(Amanat)

Nur Otan is Kazakhstan’s biggest and most powerful political party. Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan’s first leader, serves as its chairman. The party, which was established in 1999, has about a thousand Kazakhstanis in its ranks. The party is often regarded as the country’s most powerful political force.

History and achievements:

In January 2012, parliament elected unopposed Nurlan Nigmatulin, the party’s first vice chairman, as chairman of the lower chamber. Since 1985, he has held different positions in the country’s administration, including deputy director of communication and transportation and akim (head of municipal authorities) of Karaganda Oblast. In political science, he earned a Ph.d.

On January 15, 2012, the Nur Otan party won 81 percent of the votes in early parliament elections, cementing its position as Kazakhstan’s ruling party. Two other groups will replace Nur Otan in administration for the very first time in four decades. By 7.46 percent of votes, the Ak Zhol party as well as the Communist Workers Party of Kazakhstan, which both generally support the government, were able to gain parliament seats. Nur Otan presently has 83 of the 107 seats in parliament, while Ak Zhol has eight as well as the Communist People’s Party had 7.

The party, led by Nursultan Nazarbayev, has grown into a vital mechanism for uniting Kazakhstan’s citizens during its history. Nur Otan is the country’s primary originator and implementer of economic liberalization.

Nur Otan, Kazakhstan’s most populous political party, has also always relied on public opinion in selecting strategic growth areas and articulating its hopes and requirements.

Beyond exaggeration, Kazakhstan’s current triumphs and accomplishments are inextricably linked to the actions of the country’s primary political party and its leadership, Nursultan Nazarbayev.


Over the last five years, the party’s focus has been on health and education as it works to develop a strong economy and good living standards for Kazakhstan’s inhabitants.


  • The nation’s health has improved.
  • Reduced mortality rates; increased the country’s expected lifespan to seven decades.
  • Medical services have improved in terms of quality and availability.

Policy on Social Issues:

  • Supported moms and children, as well as impoverished residents.
  • Ensured a high standard of living for retirees
  • Assisted the youth of the country in finding work
  • A total of 24.3 million cubic kilometers of houses have been constructed.
  • Ensures that the housing is of excellent quality.

Science and Education:

  • Created a great education system that is competitive.
  • Parents can save for their child’s schooling by opening bank accounts with high interest.
  • Higher professional and technical education has become more accessible to all.
  • Infrastructure for education has been renovated, and teacher qualifications have been improved.
  • Teachers will be paid fairly, and the teaching profession will be elevated in prominence.
  • Kazakhstani science has progressed.


  • Guaranteed that Kazakhstan’s economy survives the global financial crisis
  • Increased the economy’s competitiveness in international markets
  • The national country’s economic growth has been ensured.
  • Supported a high pace of economic expansion (6–8% each year)
  • Productivity rates have risen dramatically.
  • Infrastructure is being developed to help the economy grow.
  • Investors’ rights, both domestic and international, were safeguarded.
  • Domestic businessmen and enterprises received assistance.

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