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Saudi Food Bank: What Are Its Works?

The Eta’am Food Bank is a non-profit organization that helps people in need. The Eta’am Food Bank, a Saudi Arabian NGO dedicated to fighting hunger, held an event to commemorate the “Year of Hunger,” promote awareness about wasted food, and promote the use of remains. According to Eta’am’s Director of Administration Development, the Saudi administration wants to warn people about “bad habits in coping with excess food.” The Eta’am Food Bank was founded to help hungry households. It has assisted 62,697 families in Saudi Arabia and delivered 80,000 food hampers as of 2020. Even if Saudi Sudan’s hunger rate is low, the goal is for citizens to keep learning from the “Year of Hunger.”

During Ramadan, the Alkhobar population has been increasingly accustomed to hosting lavish feasts to commemorate the holy month, but tables filled with food are removed each night, and thousands of plates are disposed of.

With the aid of 49 businesspeople and capital of about SR 9 million, the Al-Fozan Social Organization was able to establish the very first Saudi food bank, dubbed Et’taam, in response to the alarming trend.

Etaam is only a year charity company that collects high-quality meals with the support of regular staff and volunteers, then delivers them in complete secrecy to beneficiaries nominated by charities. Every day and over 4 million meals are discarded in the garbage, according to Khaled Khan, an administrator with the Itaam food bank. According to Khan, this “shocking number” prompted the businesspeople to step out and provide a helping hand to those who need it, as well as take accountability for their communities.

But it wasn’t the only goal the project’s leaders had in mind. They provide a seamless combination of charity and care work by educating and rehabilitating its team members, and thereby, they provide unique career chances. Although the Al-Fozan Group has a variety of initiatives tend to range from charity shelter and enhancing the living environment of those who need to constructing rehab programs for the handicapped, those who state on their webpage that “the enlightenment of the youngsters tops the initiative of welfare program as a whole.”

Because of their interactions with such professional groups, the youngsters of the Eastern Province have developed a passion for charitable work and also have formed their enterprises that they manage in their spare time with other buddies.

“Humanitarian help is vital, and it’s not as necessary for the growth of any community as finding methods to draw into the tremendous energy that would be the country’s youth and providing them the confidence they need to build their destiny with excellent work,” one of the executives said. It’s why the Al-Fozan Group sponsors “Khawater,” a famous Ramadan program on MBC that provides a unique chance for youth to come up with new ideas for donating and humanitarian work while also earning money for their contributions, stimulating creativity and having the young occupied.

Defeating Hunger

Now that hunger is just no longer a major concern in Saudi Arabia, the kingdom has started several efforts to help the world’s poorest countries. The Citizen Account is one program that aims to provide economic help to Saudi Arabia’s poor and middle-class individuals while also combating hunger. The country has also just joined the G20, a conference of 19 countries plus the European Union, which accounts for 75 percent of global commerce and 85 percent of global GDP. It has also cooperated with several NGOs, including the UN’s Relief and Work Agencies, the UN’sDevelopment Program, and the World Food Program to help alleviate hunger in other parts of the world.

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