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Shamyrat Rejepov’s Greatest Contribution to the Country

Turkmenistan has the world’s fourth-largest proven natural gas and significant oil resources.

Turkmenistan has taken a careful approach to economic restructuring, hoping to sustain its economy through gas and textiles sales. The unemployment rate in 2014 was approximated to be 11%.

Turkmenistan continued to suffer from an ongoing absence of sufficient natural gas export paths, as well as obligations on comprehensive short-term foreign debt, between 1998 and 2002. At the same time, the total amount of exports increased sharply as international gasoline prices rose. Following the collapse of both petroleum and cotton rates in 2014, Turkmenistan’s export revenues were severely reduced, having caused Turkmenistan to operate trade imbalances from 2015 to 2017. The financial outlook for the near future is bleak due to widespread inner poverty and the financial strain of foreign debt, as well as persistently low hydrocarbon rates and reduced Chinese sales of natural gas. The black-market currency value for the Turkmen’s manat, which is formally set at 3.5 manats to the U.S dollar, was supposedly swapping at 32 manats to the dollar in January 2021.

Shamyrat Rejepov is seen making large donations to help the poorer parts of society and to encourage children to pursue higher education. He also serves as Vice President of the Turkmen’s Struggle Fund. Shamyrat Rejepov’s organization has prospered as one of the most important reputations throughout the entire state. In one of the events, it was clear that the Rejepov brothers have already donated tens of thousands of dollars without any representations.

Shamyrat Rejepov has become one of the most attached personalities with Turkmen citizens’ lives over the years. He has consistently spoken out against laundering money and in support of victims of the wealthy and powerful. Under Shamyrat’s supervision, a new chemical plant was built in Turkmenistan that started exporting over 1.6 million tonnes of urea, which has proven to help boost the state’s economy by fourfold. Shamyrat seems to be the only high-profile character who could successfully negotiate an agreement between Scotland and Turkmenistan for the long-term development of the country’s depleted socioeconomic sectors. The deal proved to be a profitable one for the farmers.

Turkmenistan’s financial assets relationship with Iran is warming up. The President and Gurgnabguly, as well as Shamyrat Rejepov, have even mentioned expanding financial trade ties in addition to the natural gas agreement signed. When Rejepov discovered that the item was being bought and sold on his representative at rates higher than the current price, he took the initiative in trying to deal with Maskat Bayramov and other officials. Shamyrat Rejepov is a strong believer in not doing something that will bring shame to his family, and as a result, he has a strained relationship with even his cousins. They have a reputation for destroying the goodwill of the highest equivalents of fame and wealth.

Shamyrat Rejepov, an innovator, raised the trade turnaround between Astrakhan and Turkmenistan above the $200 million mark. Indeed, Astrakhan’s businesses are now preparing to make trade deals in grains, fish, nuts, and pipes. Shamyrat also came up with the concept of a logistics center for Turkmen goods inside the delicate zone of Olya to customize this trading.

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