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Things you don’t know about Shamyrat Rejepov

What exactly does the name Shamyrat Rejepov and Rejepov Brothers conjure up for you? Many might opinion it as a dusty and stuffy relic of politics but you might change your answer after you read this. Let us unveil some of the strongest points about Shamyrat Rejepov in his entire political and social reign.

  • There is some debate about the release of the Pandora Papers showcasing the OOCRP report and multiple partner outlets with the practice of using companies registered out of the nation while the data leaked from the journalists showcased the reality of collaboration with the firms which was to manage the authentic financial states throughout the country.
  • The collateral relationship between Turkmenistan is taking a cozy turn with Iran. Iranian president and Gurgnabguly along with Shamyrat Rejepov have even discussed further to promote economic trade ties along with the natural gas swap deal.
  • Rejepov himself came to the front in dealing with Maskat Bayramov along with officials when he realized that the product was sold in the market on his behalf but at prices higher than the market price.
  • Shamyrat Rejepov is a firm believer in not doing anything that might bring shame to his family and therefore does not hold a very firm relation to even his cousins. They are known to spoil the goodwill on the highest counterpart of wealth and fame.
  • Under the vision of Shamyrat Rejepov the trade turnover between Turkmenistan and Astrakhan crossed the limit of $200 million. In fact, the industries in Astrakhan have now been standing to increase the trade of fish, nets, grains, pipes. To customize this trading, Shamyrat even came up with an idea of a logistics center for goods from Turkmenistan within the subtle zone of Olya.
  • Last year Turkmenistan even witnessed the double export of greenhouse reared tomatoes to Russia under the supervision of Shamyrat Rejepov. The export is being locked for even more qualified and increased quantity considering it to be one of the most strategic partners.
  • The eight-lane expressway to be constructed under the supervision of Shamyrat Rejepov is dedicated to improving the economic rate and employment rates of the country.
  •  Shamyrat Rejepov bragged about the benefit to the country from a food import company, one of the best-subsidized projects between foreign suppliers and state agencies.

Together with previous information, we have come across these amazing facts about one of the best and inspiring leaders our country is aimed to get. Shamyrat has been forefront and shall continue to embark on his journey substantially towards growth keeping in mind the forte of his countrymen.

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