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Top 10 Tourists Places in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan, the ninth-largest nation in the world, is so vast that it spans two time zones as well as five climate zones. Despite said that, the region’s geographic variety is what makes for the best vacation experience. You must make a list of all the well-liked destinations in Kazakhstan that seem to be rich in history and offer a wide range of things if you intend to create a detailed itinerary.

The nation boasts a multitude of wonderful attractions for you to explore that are sometimes missed by tourists. Since you’ll frequently be the sole foreigner there, you can count on experiencing the warmth and kindness of the people, who are eager to show you all that Kazakhstan has to offer.

  1. Almaty

Kazakhstan’s capital city, Almaty, has a population of 1.7 million. It offers a wide range of sightseeing options, as well as many parks and diverse entertainment venues. You can also get a free audio tour of Almaty and wander around on your own. The main international airport in Almaty is easily accessible, making it the ideal place from which to launch the Kazakhstan trip.

Almaty – source: Digital Nomads

If you want to experience Almaty’s regional delicacies, you can enjoy the day taking in the splendor of nature or you can buy in Dostyk Plaza or Zelyony Bazaar. The Green Market is a well-known location to buy fresh produce, meats, clothes, and household items.

  • Charyn Canyon

The southeast Kazakhstani region of Charyn Canyon is stunning and deserves a visit. It is difficult to imagine the amazing sight that lay ahead of you when getting near from across the unending, featureless steppe. The canyon, which winds through the rock, is about 90 kilometers long and may go as deep as 300 meters in certain places.

Its reddish walls and rocky outcrops are evocative of the American states of Utah and Arizona. Visitors frequently remark that Charyn Canyon is equally breathtaking as the well-known Grand Canyon. It is undoubtedly a breathtaking experience to explore the Valley of Palaces, its most spectacular section of the canyon, as its enormous cliffs loom above you. From above, Charyn Canyon is similarly alluring due to how quickly it disappears. Strong explorers can canoe or whitewater raft down the Sharyn River, which cuts across a portion of it.

  • Turkistan

A significant city with such a rich historical and cultural legacy is Turkistan.

The stunning Kozha Akhmed Yasaui mausoleum, which appears more often at home within one of the old Silk Road capitals of Uzbekistan than those in Kazakhstan, is without a doubt the site’s showpiece.

source: Ahmed-Yesevi-Kazakhstan

The tomb, one of the magnificent and significant historical sites in the nation, was constructed by Timur in memory of the famous Sufi Sheikh. In addition to this, the nearby desert is home to the remains of the ancient civilizations of Sauran and Otrar, which are the main draws for tourists visiting the city. There is little to do in Turkestan but meander around its major bazaar and soak in the vibrant ambiance aside from these historic sites.

  • Baikonur Cosmodrome

If you’re fascinated by space exploration, the Baikonur Cosmodrome is one of the few locations in the world where you can witness a rocket launch into orbit. Even if you aren’t, witnessing a spaceship launch is a truly unique experience.

source: Britannica

Baikonur, the biggest space launch complex in the world, is cooperatively run by the authorities of Kazakhstan and Russia. The very first crewed spaceflights, Vostok 1 and Sputnik 1 were launched from this location. Consequently, there is a tonne of history on display. Visitors are encouraged to take a tour of the building and the nearby museum, which is filled with fascinating exhibits, models, and artifacts.

  • Kolsai Lakes and Kaindy

One of Kazakhstan’s most picturesque locations for leisure, hiking, and horseback riding is Kolsai. Three lakes are located between 1800 and 2700 meters above sea level. The lakes of Kolsai are located about 300 kilometers from Almaty. Make a pit stop in Kaindy en route. In 1911, an earthquake inundated the forest, creating this enchanted lake amid birch trees.

source: TripAdvisor
  • Aktau

In Aktau, one may find numerous historic architectural groupings and a few of Kazakhstan’s rarest tourist attractions. Historic libraries, concert halls, theaters, and cultural centers can be found all around the city and should be explored to get a sense of the local culture.

source: Wikipedia
  • Karkaraly National Park

Karkaraly National Park, which can be found in Kazakhstan’s Highlands, will appeal to both outdoor enthusiasts and wildlife enthusiasts. The national park, which spans a vast area, is home to a broad range of plants and animals, including wolves, foxes, and deer who live among its never-ending woodlands.

  • Nur-Sultan
source: TripAdvisor

The capital of Kazakhstan, Astana, which so many Kazakhs continue to refer to as despite its recent renaming to Nur-Sultan in 2019, is constantly evolving. Every year, massive landmark structures appear, each one more stunning than the last. Astana, among the most advanced and futuristic towns in Central Asia, is situated in the developed and implement northern grassland of the nation. It has many enormous towers.

  • Aksu-Zhabagly

Aksu-Zhabagly is a great joy to explore, including it all from towering, snow-capped mountain ranges and glaciers to flowing rivers, wide lowlands, and, as usual, limitless steppe.

source: Advantour

The natural reserve is full of breathtaking views and is home to an abundance of incredible wildlife. Aksu Gorge, the sparkling waterfalls of Kshi-Kainy, and Stalactite Cave are just a few of the spectacular natural views that can be found along its many trails and roads.

  • Lake Balkhash

The lake, which is 600 miles eastern side of the Aral Sea, is a big component of the nation’s hydropower projects and a popular tourist destination in Kazakhstan. The northern shores of the lake are high and rugged, and there are many old rock-cut marks to be found there. Once upon a time, Lake Balkhash was a well-known fish breeding ground, with up to 20 different types of fish.

source: Remote Lands

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