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Top 7 Driving Institutes in Dubai (Must Check)

Driving is a very useful skill to have, especially if you live in a suburb with a limited public transport network. Luckily, many driving institutes in Dubai really can help you learn this really useful life skill.

This is entirely due to the people’s immense wealth and passion for autos. So, if you had a show-worthy automobile, not driving it’d be a waste. If you do not want it to happen, we’ve hand-picked the top driving institutes in Dubai for you.

Excellent driving Institute

The following name is also a well-known driving institution in the city. They have extensive experience in the driver’s ed industry and as such can enhance the learning process of drivers. They have a range of courses available, including LMVs as well as big buses and trucks.

Emirates Driving Institute

Since 1991, Emirates Driving Institute has been one of Dubai’s top renowned driving institutes. Since its inception, it has issued RTA driving licenses to about 500,000 students. It has about 1000 competent instructors from various nationalities, making it simpler to connect with learners in their tongues.

 Al Saqar Driving school

The next driving institute on the ranking is al saqar, which is also a prominent driving academy in Dubai. They get a long history in the sector, which offers them a reputation and skill. They have plenty of qualified specialists who can assist you in learning to drive.

Hajer Driving Insititute

Hajer driving Institute is also regarded as one of the tops in Dubai. Their solutions go beyond the traditional 4-wheeler driving institute and are noted for their outstanding efficiency and sure-fire strategies to ensure you get to be a great driver.

Hajer provides services such as forklift training, heavy buses, and commercial vehicles.

Al Ahli Driving Institute

The list of best driving institutes would be incomplete without Al Ahli Driving Institute. It has been in use. Al Ahli offers the top driving institute in the UAE, with courses for cars, heavy trucks, heavy and light buses, cruisers, and forklifts. English, Urdu, and Arabic are the three languages in which the organization offers e-learning.

 Department Traffic And Licensing In RAK’S

The Office of Activities and Registration in Ras Al Khaimah is in charge of receiving and processing driving applications. The city’s motorists are under the control of this department, which can be included RAK Police. Applicants may visit the office with any inquiries concerning the driver’s license in particular. It is one of the most cost-effective driving institutes.

Drive Dubai Motorcity

Dubai MotorCity is another well-known name in the professional driving industry. Drive Dubai MotorCity is the best driving institution in Dubai to join if you don’t even have a temporary license yet, thanks to its years of expertise and competent teachers.

Drive Dubai Motorcity drives companies a variety of cars, allowing you to become well-versed in all types of mechanical vehicles and thus providing the ideal experience.


Because most individuals around the World turn 18, the most essential thing for them is to be able to legally drive on roads. Consequently, the laws for driving in Dubai are extremely strict. A teenager who has never driven before will find it challenging to take a driver’s test. Because the licensing exam in Dubai is difficult, you should study properly before submitting.

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