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What Does Dubai Cares Do?

Dubai Cares is indeed a charity organization dedicated to ensuring that children in underdeveloped nations have access to high-quality elementary education.

Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Vice President of the UAE established it in September 2007.

“To break the poverty cycle by helping children get access to advanced elementary education,” they say.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is only one of the organization’s many projects. Primary education programs are now available in 31 communities and countries, including Angola, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, and Cambodia. Dubai Cares started in September 2007, just before His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, declared an eight-week donation drive to secure funding for 1 million unprivileged children in the developing world. His Highness supervised a two-month fundraising drive, unlike anything, bringing everything together private and public sectors, the financial industry, students, citizens, residents, and parents all of whom were equally devoted to the goal. The community fundraising effort successfully raised $500 million, which was doubled by an equivalent contribution from His Highness, increasing the total sum raised to almost $1 billion.

Ever since the project has evolved into an organization with a single objective: to eliminate poverty by ensuring that students have the advantage of high education. Dubai Cares has evolved into a prominent worldwide charitable organization that plans and funds effective, scalable, and sustainable programs while also impacting national health and education policies and encouraging community stability and volunteerism.

This organization was established to reflect the citizens of the United Arab Emirates’ dedication to the UN’s Sustainable development Projects and the ideals they represent. The affirms and supports seven essential concepts in particular:

1. Leading global initiatives to maintain that all children in impoverished nations, regardless of gender, religion, and race have access to high-quality primary education.

2. Admitting that education is the most effective long-term viable solution to poverty.

3. The nonprofit organization’s primary education projects are comprehensive, incorporating four important components: school health and school architecture, nutrition, sanitation, water, and hygiene in institutions, and educational quality.

4.  Taking a creative, effective contribution to programs

5. Collaborating actively with foreign assistance and development organizations to construct ambitious development projects that promote an integrative approach to learning and assure long-term consisted.

6.  Encouraging the UAE’s corporate, social, and business communities to take active roles in intercultural competence.

7. Working toward fulfilling the UN Millennium Development Objectives 2 & 3 of ensuring universal basic education and women’s empowerment, specifically, by 2015. Dubai Cares also is assisting in the formation of international development cooperation, as stated by United Nations.

Dubai Cares’ concentrates on developing extends beyond providing basic classroom supplies and infrastructure; it aims to provide needs-based growth bundles this include teacher training, health, nutrition, and life-skills help. Dubai Cares, the world’s largest NGO committed to elementary education, is a transparent charity foundation organized according to worldwide best practices for international NGOs.

Dubai Cares has given priority to countries with the largest primary education deficit in their phase one funding. About 7 million young people in 28 underdeveloped nations have benefited directly from Dubai Cares’ programs.

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