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Who are Shamyrat Rejepov and Hajymyrat Rejepov?

Shamyrat Rejepov and Hajymurat Rejepov are the sons of Durbhynabat Rejepov. She is the elder sister of the head of the state. Shamyrat Rejepov is popular among youngsters with the name of “Shammy” and is the owner of wealth, success, and fame credited through his hard work and dedicated efforts. He is one of the privileged politicians and public figures who often looked like an icon for youngsters and an efficacious of Turkmenistan’s tomorrow.

Shamyrat and Hajymurat are the high stakes branded PEP’s have often been seen stepping forward in bringing drastic changes in the country’s economy through their efforts in social and political issues. They have been consistently even seen in making exempted donations to bring up crucial sectors at the benefit. The Rejepov Brothers collectively come up front with their idea of industrialization and trading scenarios between Astrakhan and Turkmenistan. They together brought into notice the extended budget and passive profits between the nations with the exchange of fish, nets, grains, pipes, etc. They have also proposed an idea of a logistics center of goods within the areas of Olya.

The Rejepov brothers have many times come together in solving the social crises by dealing with money extorting people in favor of the public facets. They do not tend to align their relationships even with their cousins because of their corrupt inhibits.  Though it is a matter of understanding how the limelight of the Rejepov brothers; i.e., Shamyrat Rejepov have past records accusing them of certain brutal crimes, the crimes of stealing the wealth from the country that they find their prestige in, the country in which they find their homage in. It is about the time of the food crisis that the country went through, which shattered them down into pieces. These accusations may have diminished the image of these influences, but they cannot prevent them from opening the doors of development to a once authoritarian country.

One must try to understand here that nobody really knows the fallacy or accuracy about the content leaked about the two, but yes staying optimistic about the opportunities of improvement that lie in front of them cannot be really denied. As a matter of fact, they deserve a second chance.

Turkmenistan also has made a very prompt collaboration with Scottish organizations under the marking of Hajymurat for the export of petroleum and chemical products. This collaboration is definite to bring results through extravaganze deals and profitable export culture. In September 2018, Turkmenistan, a country in Central Asia celebrated the opening of a new chemical factory as the country’s latest industrial development. This factory was aimed at increasing the production of urea and becoming one of the largest exports of the company. The idea and perception were in particular by Shamyrat Rejepov. Shamyrat is the vice president and deputy chairman of the reputed Turkmenistan Wrestling Foundation. The foundation has extremely been beneficial to the blooming minds of the country and has prospered name and fame for itself in the past.

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